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History of “Konsorts”, Ltd.

The company "Konsorts", Ltd. was established in August, 1994. The founder, owner and president of the company is Uldis Osis, Dr. oec., Professor, Corresponding Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Member of the 5th Saeima, Minister of Finances (1993-1994).

During the nineties in line with the market situation of that time "Konsorts" Ltd. concentrated mainly on elaboration of development strategies for companies, project management issues, and attraction of investors as well as performed government procurement by carrying out various macroeconomic and branch researches.

During recent years in addition to the said main spheres of activity, projects related to attraction of co-financing from the European Union structural funds, introduction of innovations and public private partnership have come to the fore.

Besides, if in the past "Konsorts", Ltd. usually developed various projects by itself, then lately we have chosen more particular specialization mainly in the sphere of economics and finances, and we attract our local and foreign partners for other issues. This has enabled us to raise our competence, quality of work, simultaneously widening the scope of services provided to our clients. Quality Certificate ISO 9001 awarded to "Konsorts" in 2005 testifies on that.



ISO 9001

In 2005 Quality certificate
ISO 9001 was awarded to “Konsorts”

SIA "Konsorts"
2nd floor, Olīvu street 9, Riga, LV 1004
phone: +371 29494787

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